Round Up For Sight

Q & A

What is the Round Up for Sight Program?

Our Round Up Program is a way for Eye Specialty Group patients to help enhance 20/20 Memphis’s mission of ophthalmologic surgery for anyone facing imminent blindness that have little or no resources available.  You can either “round up” your bill to the nearest dollar OR donate a set amount ($1, $3 or $5). All of these options are displayed on the credit card terminal machine.

How does my change help Goodwill?

Here at 20/20 Memphis, 100% of every dollar generated by our fundraisers and donations go directly to patients in need. Your change helps us change the lives of local residents for the better by providing them with the vision needed to return to an active lifestyle.

Who does 20/20 Memphis help?

20/20 Memphis helps anyone facing imminent blindness regardless of their ability to pay —be it a veteran, senior citizen or someone with a physical disability.

Where can I learn more about how my change is being used?

You can visit our website at or call our corporate office at 901-820-2323.
Great, can I give MORE?

Of course! The easiest way to do this after we close out your bill today would be to visit and give a financial gift securely via credit card through the DONATE NOW button.

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