Eye Love My Community Day

Eye Love My Community Day!

August 29, 2019, five of our Eye Specialty Group Doctors will be providing Free Cataract Surgeries in our Ridge Lake and Southaven Surgery Centers. The Surgical Eye Care Foundation is one of three Non-Profits that 20/20 Memphis promotes awareness about. SECF was formed for the purpose of providing Education and Eye Care for the less fortunate.

All ESG co-workers are excited to be a part of what we hope to see as one of the most rewarding and life-changing public service events held in the Mid-South. August 29th we will be ready to perform as many free surgeries as possible for qualified patients, performed by Dr. Crothers, Dr. Gollamudi, Dr. Linn, Dr. Schanzer and Dr. Woodlief.

We are pleased to work with Southern College of Optometry and our surrounding Optometrists as well as our own patients that have little or no resources for the procedure so we can restore their sight.

We also know that many hands make light work.  We have a team of companies and health care professionals that will be also donating their time and materials to help make this day a success.

For more information please contact Cindy Brandon at foundation@esg.md or 901-820-2256.

Application cutoff date for this year’s day will be August 16, 2019.

Surgical Eyecare Foundation

The Surgical foundation is committed to providing eye care access for those faced with imminent blindness and who have little or no access to care through fundraising research and education.

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Southern Eye Institute

Southern Eye Clinic of Serabu is open year round, providing diagnostic examinations, medicines, eye glasses and modern eye surgery free of charge to all patients

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