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New 20/20 Memphis Kroger Receipt Text Number

Our 20/20 Memphis text number was compromised last Friday. Our new number is (901) 213-8166. Please use this number until further notice to text us pictures of your 20/20 Memphis Kroger receipts.


Meet Tori Smoothie King Mgr Olive Branch


Reverse Blindness Shopping at Kroger

Click here https://www.kroger.com/account/enrollCommunityRewardsNow/ Sign In to your Kroger Account


ATC Fitness Your First Month is Free!

20/20 Memphis welcomes ATC Fitness to our 20/20 Memphis/Kroger Receipt Partnership! Effective 12/29/2018. This special is for New Members Only! When you present less than 31 day old Kroger Receipt with 20/20 Memphis on the bottom (see picture below) you will receive your first month free! Check our Partnership Map to find a location near… Read More


20/20 Memphis Kroger Receipt Partnership

Eye Specialty Group’s Philanthropic arm, 20/20 Memphis, has been an organization of choice with Kroger since December of 2017.  20/20 Memphis has a receipt game that involved Kroger customers texting a picture of their receipt to our 20/20 Memphis text line and each month we draw a $25 Gift Card winner. www.2020memphis.com/kroger.  We have experienced… Read More


Free Dessert at Olive Branch Catfish

When you present your 20/20 Memphis Kroger Receipt at Olive Branch Catfish Map you will receive a Free dessert w/ Entree and Drink Purchase. The receipt must be less than 31 days Old. Thank you Olive Branch Catfish! Have you chosen 20/20 Memphis as your Kroger organization yet? If not learn how to sign-up here. http://www.2020memphis.com/kroger/


Surgical Eyecare Foundation

The Surgical foundation is committed to providing eye care access for those faced with imminent blindness and who have little or no access to care through fundraising research and education.

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