20/20 Memphis Kroger Receipt Partnership

Eye Specialty Group’s Philanthropic arm, 20/20 Memphis, has been an organization of choice with Kroger since December of 2017.  20/20 Memphis has a receipt game that involved Kroger customers texting a picture of their receipt to our 20/20 Memphis text line and each month we draw a $25 Gift Card winner. www.2020memphis.com/kroger.  We have experienced steady growth over the last year.  Now, this is where we hope you will join us in a new concept.

20/20 Memphis is inviting Mid-South businesses to partner with us in a new program so that we can help attract new customers for you.  Would you like to extend to our 20/20 Memphis Kroger receipt customers a special store offer when they visit your business and present a receipt that is less than 31 days old?

We will be sharing our business partners’ offers in the waiting rooms of Eye Specialty Group’s multiple locations along with our websites, social media, and our fundraising special events: Fun Walk March to The See, Golf for Sight, Bowling for Sight, Wine for Sight and our Memphis Eye Ball Gala.

We have attached our 2020 Memphis Kroger Receipt Partnershp Agreement and a picture of what the receipts will look like.  20/20 Memphis looks forward to partnering with Mid-South Businesses.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,
Bryan Watson
Philanthropy Manager
“That All May See”

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